Immigration to Ukraine

The need to obtain an immigration permit or a residence permit, to acquire the citizenship of Ukraine or simply to extend their stay in Ukraine arises in foreign citizens with ever-increasing frequency. 

Legal advice to non-residents, who currently reside in Ukraine, has become one of the most sought-after services in recent years.

The need to obtain an immigration permit or a residence permit, to acquire the citizenship of Ukraine or simply to extend their stay in Ukraine arises in foreign citizens with ever-increasing frequency.

Obtaining the necessary permits and documents in a foreign country is frequently accompanied by psychological and language barriers, and quite often it leads to abandonment of one’s plans to do it. Do not give up on your plans. Our attorney company will help you to gather the necessary documents; we will accompany you until you reach your goal.

First of all, our attorney company recommends you to consult our immigration attorney and to get help with paperwork in order to avoid mistakes and problems with the migration service. We can also accompany you during your visit to the immigration service, which is especially important for foreigners, who do not speak Ukrainian or Russian.

After all, submission of documents to a department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine is made by the applicant in person! It is only in very rare cases and in the presence of valid reasons that a representative may submit the documents provided they present a notarized power of attorney from the applicant.

Information on some of the most common inquiries, which foreigners submit to the SMS of Ukraine.

Extending a stay in Ukraine

A foreigner or a stateless person may temporarily reside on the territory of Ukraine for the duration of stay granted by a visa, but it shall not exceed the last day of the validity period of the visa.

Citizens of countries with visa-free access may temporarily reside in Ukraine for no more than 90 days within a 180-day period unless a different period is established by international treaties of Ukraine.

Reasons for extension of stay in Ukraine include:

•         applying for permission to immigrate;

•         acquiring the citizenship of Ukraine;

•         grounds, which make it impossible to leave the territory of Ukraine;

•         other cases, when a need for extension of stay arises.


Obtaining a temporary residence permit

In order to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons, who have reached the age of sixteen, can apply by means of a standard application form and submission of the required documents to the SMS of Ukraine

A comprehensive list of foreigners and stateless persons, who are eligible for a temporary residence permit, is specified in Section III of Article 3.1. The interim procedure of consideration of applications for the obtainment of a permanent residence permit or a temporary residence permit.

Getting an immigration permit

Immigration permit is issued within the immigration quota.


Immigration quota is set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in regards to the following categories of immigrants:

1. scientists and arts professionals, whose immigration corresponds to interests of Ukraine;

2. highly qualified specialists and workers, who are urgently needed for the economy of Ukraine;

3. persons, who made a foreign investment in Ukraine's economy by means of a foreign convertible currency worth at least one hundred (100) thousand US dollars and registered in the order established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

4. persons, who are a full blood sibling, grandparent, or a grandchild of citizens of Ukraine;

5. persons, who have previously been citizens of Ukraine;

6. parents, spouses of an immigrant and their minor children;

7. persons, who have resided in Ukraine for three years continuously from the date of obtaining refugee status or asylum in Ukraine, as well as their parents, spouses and minor children residing with them;

8. persons, who have resided in Ukraine for three years continuously from the date of obtaining a status of victims of trafficking.


Immigration permit outside the immigration quota is granted to:

1. a spouse if the spouse with whom they are married for more than two years is a citizen of Ukraine, children, and parents of citizens of Ukraine;

2. persons, who are guardians or trustees of citizens of Ukraine or under guardianship or trusteeship of citizens of Ukraine;

3. persons entitled to the citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin;

4. persons, whose immigration is of state interest of Ukraine;

5. Ukrainians residing abroad, spouses of Ukrainian residing abroad, and their children in case of their joint entry and stay in Ukraine.


Getting a permanent residence permit for foreigners and stateless persons, who immigrated to Ukraine for permanent residence

Obtainment of an immigration permit and arrival for permanent residence in Ukraine is considered to be the grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit for foreigners and stateless persons. The permit is to be exchanged when reaching 25 and 45 years of age.

Foreign IT professionals

Foreign IT specialists in Ukraine from Tuesday, July 21, can apply for an immigration permit. IT specialists will receive a permanent residence permit. 10 years of residence and work in Ukraine. Ability to register an entrepreneur in order to conduct their own business. Foreigners have the opportunity to immigrate to Ukraine with their families.

Immigration lawyer in Ukraine.

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