Attorney company supervised by Viktor Reshetov aims to provide effective legal assistance in various fields of law. In our work we adhere to the universally recognized standards and ethics of the legal profession, we strive to develop the best traditions of the legal profession, as well as provide legal services in Kyiv at a high professional level.


Effective legal assistance in the field of corporate relations, protection of clients' interests in courts of all jurisdictions in Ukraine are the main directions work of the attorney company supervised by Viktor Reshetov. However, we also work in other fields of law, which you can read more about by visiting the "Services" section of our website or contact us by phone at +380 (50) 602-01-75, +38 (098) 211- 58-29.


Individual approach to work.

Professionalism of attorneys and understanding of customers’ problems is the earnest of success and reputation of the attorney company supervised by Viktor Reshetov. Each case is individually analyzed by our experts, which allows you to create an effective strategy to protect and guarantee positive results even in the most complex legal episodes.

The team of qualified specialists supervised by an experienced lawyer.

Turnkey registration of legal entities, resolution of tax and corporate disputes, effective legal assistance to individuals in various fields of law, combating raiders - these and other services are provided by the best attorneys in Kyiv, working in our office. The entire legal process is under direct supervision of an experienced professional in his field with twelve years of experience. Moreover, Viktor Reshetov is present in complex legal cases at all stages of the proceedings, from an analysis of the situation to the imposition of a positive judgment in all instances.

Protection of the information received and honesty towards our customers.

The concept of confidentiality and integrity is the basis of the work for our experts. Turning to the attorney company supervised by Viktor Reshetov, you can be sure of fair attitude towards you and the complete safety of the data and documents necessary for our experts.

Representation in different regions of Ukraine.

If you need an attorney in Kyiv, Khmelnytsky, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Vinnytsia – you are welcome! There are offices of our attorney company in all of these cities, where legal services are provided in a professional manner, and optimal results are guaranteed. While in these regions, you can always turn to us for emergency legal assistance in case of need, for example, in case of an unscheduled inspection by the inspection agencies, unscheduled talks with partners, etc.

Flexible pricing policy

Taking into account the diversity of problems encountered by our clients at various stages, their capabilities, interests and priorities, we have developed an efficient pricing system, which allows you to make high-quality legal services more accessible.

Solution of diverse tasks of any complexity.

Constant exchange of knowledge between employees of different regional offices, common data base on cases of a narrow specialization field is the key to effective work of our specialists. There are highly qualified lawyers from different areas of law at the forefront of our attorney company, who quickly and effectively carry out a comprehensive analysis of the client’s situation and find the best way to resolve it. A network of legal offices in different cities of Ukraine can effectively provide services for those customers who are interested in comprehensive legal services in different regions of Ukraine.

These and other advantages of the attorney company supervised by Viktor Reshetov are valued by lots of our customers. So if you want to get professional advice on civil, corporate, commercial, tax and other areas of law, please contact us by phone at +380 (50) 602-01-75, +38 (098) 211-58-29 right now and an experienced lawyer, having listened to the essence of the problem, will coordinate you to obtain effective legal assistance in Kyiv.


Lawyer in Kiev in family matters. Divorce lawyer.

Lawyer in Kiev, inheritance law. Probate lawyer.

Lawyer in Kiev real estate

Lawyer in Kiev, debt collection.

Lawyer in Kiev for business registration.

Lawyer in Kiev to work with contract review.

Lawyer in Kiev at competitive disputes. Competition law.

Lawyer in Kiev. Immigration lawyer. 


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