Inheritance in Ukraine

An attorney and the inheritance - these two concepts have become inseparable in the modern world since the registration of inheritance in Ukraine is often a difficult procedure, which requires a professional approach, from a legal point of view. Under current law, the inheritance process in Ukraine is carried out in two ways, depending on whether there is a will or not.


You need a qualified inheritance attorney for tackling a wide range of legal issues that may arise at all stages of the inheritance process. Getting the professional help of our experts will enable you to:

1. Come to an inheritance while living abroad.

2. Defend your right to inheritance.

3. Restore the period for acceptance of the inheritance through the courts.

4. Set the fact of kinship with the testator in court.

5. Allocate a compulsory share in the inheritance.

6. Challenge the will or its separate provisions in the courts.

7. Prove the fact of living as a family with the testator.

8. Create or challenge the contract of life support in court.

9. Prove the right to inheritance, in the case of care for an elderly or incapacitated testator.

Our experts can easily address these and other issues and will provide you with professional assistance in the registration of inheritance in Ukraine. Call at the phone numbers listed on the site!


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