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Real estate and new building lawyer in Ukraine

Our lawyers have unique competence in providing legal support for transactions on the purchase of property in Ukraine by non-residents and foreigners. We will help our foreigners and non-residents clients with the choice of a bank in Ukraine and will advise on the legal import of currency into the territory of Ukraine.

We also accompany the purchase of land, a private house and another real estate.

This service is available for our clients in Kyiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, and Ivano-Frankivsk. We can also provide this service when buying real estate in other cities of Ukraine remotely: by phone, email, skype and using available instant messengers.

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To protect yourself from problems, trust the purchase of a real estate in Ukraine to lawyers. With the help of lawyers, you can check the reliability of the deal in advance, and make the right decision. Have the right information and feel confident. Call the phone number +380 (50) 602-01-75, +38 (098) 211-58-29 right now and find out!

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