Legal services in Vinnytsia at a high professional level. The law firm offers qualified to consult to both individuals and legal entities. By calling +380(50)6020175, +38(098)2115829, you can always get comprehensive answers to all your questions, as well as arrange a face-to-face meeting with an experienced lawyer in our office.


Legal support of business, legal assistance to individuals, resolving disputes of any degree of complexity in civil, family law, divorce, Property Law, Corporate, Protection in courts, Inheritance, Debt collection and economic areas of law.


  1. Confidentiality.

We guarantee reliable protection of personal data, as well as received documents and information in accordance with all principles of confidentiality in protecting the rights and freedoms of Clients. 

  1. Performance review of every employee.

Each stage of the case is under the direct supervision of the name partner V.V. Reshetov and other experienced lawyers who have twelve years of successful legal work experience. 

  1. Reasonable pricing policy.

We always meet our client halfway in pricing issues. 

  1. A wide range of services provided.

Over the course of our operation, our lawyers have won a significant number of different lawsuits and received favorable court rulings in various areas of law (see the section "Results of cases“). 

  1. Professional team of lawyers with representation in other Ukrainian cities.

Our offices in Kyiv (Kiev), Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky, and Chernivtsi are also at your service. This is beneficial to the Clients, as we can represent their interests in different regions over the course of one trial. 

  1. An individual and comprehensive approach to Client representation.

The work of our lawyers begins with a thorough analysis of the situation and continues until the actual execution of the court ruling at the stage of enforcement proceedings. 

Call us at +380 (50) 602-01-75, +38 (098) 211-58-29 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will see you’ve made the right choice!


Lawyer call also: attorney at law, solicitor, barrister


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