1. Consulting on labor law
2. Illegal dismissals
3. Public service
4. Work injury
5. Establishment of the fact of labor relations
6. Collection of wages

When an employer delays payments

According to official statistics, Ukrainian employers have billions of dollars in wages in arrears. What should people do if they find themselves in such a situation? ...

Unexpected inspections were declared illegal

Last year in Ukraine began mass checks of employers who have hired workers. Purpose: identification of unregistered workers. But it turned out that the corresponding resolution of the State Labor Office - the Cabinet of Ministers was illegal ...

Director foreigner (non-resident)

When registering a legal entity on the territory of Ukraine, a foreign investor would like to see his compatriot as director. This decision is quite understandable since the business owner always prefers to deal with a person whom he knows and trusts well, through whom he can fully control the current economic activities of the enterprise.

Unscheduled State Labor Inspections: the grounds and procedure

After a break in the "unscheduled" inspections associated with the cancellation by the court of the previous Procedure for conducting inspections, a new wave began in September 2019. There are more inspectors, which means more inspections. Let's figure out how the inspections will now be carried out in the "new season 2019-2020"...