Сollection and recovery of debts in Ukraine

19. 01. 10

Recovery of receivables is a set of legal measures aimed at the recovery of debts from contractors. Our attorneys (lawyer) have extensive experience in debt collection and recovery of debts in Ukraine against unpaid bills, either from commercial or public and utility companies.


Attorneys (lawyer) of our company carry out the recovery of receivables in Ukraine in the following stages:

1. Analysis of documents related to debt;

2. Gathering of information on the contractor and their assets;

3. Pre-trial debt collection, i.e. negotiations with debtors (mediation), drafting and submitting counterparty claims, and the use of other pre-trial instruments.

4. Preparation of documents for submission to the court in the case of voluntary non-payment of unpaid bills; representation of interests of businesses in the necessary agencies;

5. Accompaniment of the enforcement of the court decision at the corresponding stage.


If the debtor is in Ukraine.


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