Subscriber legal service of your business is the most convenient form of cooperation between us.

The client pays a clearly defined amount for the service - a monthly payment. Accordingly, it is convenient for the Client to plan his budget for each month, quarter and year. In addition, this is the most profitable form of cooperation for our Client, as the prices in the package for our services are much cheaper than in case of task or hourly payment. Often we do not include small services in the report: consultations, mail services, notifying the client about the progress of his cases in courts and other authorities, and so on.

Subscriber legal services are also beneficial to the client, because it is allowing us to delve into the client's business processes, and accordingly:

- optimize your business structure;

- protect from possible problems (from raids, inspections, fines, etc.);

- optimize taxes and expenses in the main areas;

- accelerate the work of the sales department by optimizing contractual work;

- reduce receivables;

- monitor changes in legislation and case law in the areas of the client.

Subscriber legal service adds confidence and comfort to our Clients, as well as allows you to do business more boldly, find and try new business niches and constantly develop without worrying about problems with the Law.

The list of legal services for the customer service business includes all the legal services that our Client needs.

The price for subscriber legal service depends on the volume of work. As a rule, we determine with the client the approximate price for the first month. Based on the results of this month's work and with the Client we regulate the monthly payment and sign a contract on a permanent basis. In the future, we review this price, when the workload in the Client's cases changes significantly.


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