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Verification of Company/Business in Ukraine

How to verify a company in Ukraine?

Do you want to protect yourself from possible negative legal consequences when concluding contracts with new counteragents? You do not know how to check the reliability of a business partner through  "Ukraine company register" and identify all the pitfalls in their business activities? Entrust this work to professionals.

Comprehensive checking of your counteragent (business partner) by the experts of our Attorney Company allows you to reduce the risks regarding the improper performance of contractual obligations by the other party and to protect the business from unscheduled inspections by the tax authorities.

 How do we work?

Gathering information on your future counteragent (business partner) starts with requesting registration documents. This step is necessary both to confirm the reliability of the partner and to protect oneself against the tax inspectorate’s accusations of the absence of due diligence in the conduct of the business activity.

So, before checking your counteragent our lawyers require the following documents in order to study them:

  • Constituent documents.
  • Documents confirming the authority of the signatory acting on behalf of the company (a copy of a power of attorney).
  • The company registration number and the actual address are clarified.

These documents are enough to check the company (business in Ukraine) on the official websites of state structures (the Ukraine company register) for signs of a one-day company and whether its registered address is the address of “mass” registration of business entities.

The next step in gathering information about your future partner is receiving data on them from open sources of state and local governments.

At this stage, our experts will provide you with systematic information on:

  • The real owners of the company (The United State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs of Ukraine).
  • The presence of tax arrears (Tax inspection databases).
  • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings against your counteragents (partners), or the presence of legal proceedings against them (The Unified Register of Court Decisions).


Turnkey checking of the counteragents

Comprehensive professional checking of your counteragent is an integral part of economic activity. However, there are times when information data on your partner received from official sources is not enough. In order to make the right and informed decision on the possibility of business cooperation, you need to have a real portrait of the company, which it is planned to sign a contract with, on hand.

In this case our experts:

  • Travel to the location of the firm.
  • Study the material base of the enterprise.
  • Inspect the production and storage facilities.
  • Hold meetings with top management of the company.
  • Request additional documents necessary to confirm the right of ownership of objects of the proposed transaction, etc.


Thus, our experts have all the necessary knowledge and capabilities to check any Ukraine company, any counteragent (business partner) or your business partnership in Ukraine and to provide you with comprehensive information about all the pitfalls of their economic activity. Based on the information you can make the right decision, protect yourselves from unscrupulous partners and protect the business in Ukraine from unplanned inspections by various regulatory bodies.


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