Divorce and property

Spouses who are in the process of divorce, usually want to divorce as fast as possible. The division of property takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, most often, the solutions of divorce issue and issues of property division are claimed into two separate legal proceedings.

If you need help in the division of property, our lawyers are always ready to help in this matter, to protect your property interests in court as efficiently and competently as possible.

With the division of property, the spouses have many legal issues, and we can answer them:

1. What property can be as a subject for the division and which is not?

2. Is it possible do not indicate the preferred options for the division of property in the claim?

3. How is compensation determined for the share in the property of the spouses?

4. What are the prospects?

5. How to divide a car or a loan for it?

6. Is it possible to divide an apartment that has not yet been built?

7. How could be divided the house if the construction of the house is not yet completed?

You are welcome! We will be happy to help you!