How to return the wrongly paid funds, money from Ukraine?


The essence of the dispute
We were approached by a client who mistakenly transferred money to someone else's card account in Ukraine. Moreover, the client transferred a significant amount to a complete stranger from Ukraine. With the help of the bank, he managed to track down and contact this person. However, the recipient refused to return the indicated amount: at first, he denied receiving the money, and then he blocked calls from the client altogether.

The work of a lawyer
The lawyer collected the necessary documents for the court. It was revealed that the recipient has two apartments in Kyiv (Kiev). We managed to seize one of the recipient's apartments in order to ensure the return of the money, after collecting the money through the court.
The recipient subsequently appealed against the seizure, but nothing came of it. The Court of Appeal upheld the arrest.
In court, the recipient refused to acknowledge the claim. He did not admit that the money was received by him, and also that he really used this money.
In court, the lawyer filed several petitions in order to finally convince the court that the defendant received all this money, and the bank even said that the money was withdrawn from the account the next day after it was received.

The result of the case
The court satisfied our claim in full. There was an appeal and even a complaint to the Cassation court from the recipient. But all three instances decided in favor of the Client. Thanks to the arrest of the apartment, we managed to return the money paid by the client, as well as the court fee, every penny.


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