How do we fight scammers in Ukraine?


There are scammers everywhere. They operate all over the world. Ukraine is no exception. It also has its own scammers.

We are faced with different types of fraud. Most often, money is lured out through the Internet.

TOP 4 types of money fraud in Ukraine that our clients deal with:

  1. Buying or renting a property in Ukraine. For example, you want to buy real estate in Ukraine, and the Seller asks for advance payment as a guarantee payment, or even make full payment and sign an agreement through the principal. And then it turns out that the "Seller" does not have real estate at all, and perhaps he does not even live in Ukraine.
  2. Dating ("Scam dating"). A man and a woman get acquainted on the Internet. They are far apart. A warm and trusting relationship is established. Then a swindler from Ukraine (and it can be both a man and a woman) asks to send money in order to resolve issues with obtaining a visa, pay the cost of a flight, and help a seriously ill relative. It often starts with small amounts, but then the rates go up. Often, fraudsters even meet with their victims and play a whirlwind romance in order to lure large sums of money or "spin" to buy expensive things or real estate.
  3. Online shopping. It all starts with the fact that on the Internet you find a very profitable offer for the purchase of some product or some unique product that you cannot find anywhere else. You are attracted by a good site and a lot of positive reviews from grateful buyers. You place an order for a large amount, and then it turns out that there is no such company or such a seller. Or you got to the "mirror site" of a real bonafide seller of such a product. Also, scammers use e-mail interception. If a company does not have its own mail server but uses free services, it can be hacked and important letters intercepted.
  4. Business fraud. More often than not, a fraudulent partner gains your trust in various ways. Often, real business relations even arise: goods are delivered, services are provided, etc. But then the order is issued for a large amount, the victim makes an advance payment and the fraudulent partner disappears.

What do the victims do first? They seek help from the Ukrainian police. They demand to initiate a criminal case.

But that often doesn't work…. After a month or a year, you will find out that no one is doing anything. And the fraudster managed to deceive several more victims and buy a luxury villa, and disappear in an unknown direction. It must be admitted that the police in Ukraine today are working very poorly and often fraudsters take advantage of this. By the way, fraud is generally difficult to prove, since the victim pays money voluntarily and often the fraudster can easily get out. For example, it is difficult for the police to prove that the fraudster did not intend to deliver the goods.

We work differently. We often use judicial protection than appeal to the Ukrainian police. We believe that judicial protection in most of the cases described above is more effective than police work. Sometimes we also turn to the police to help our clients, but this is more of an auxiliary method of protection, not the main one.

If you were deceived and you transferred money to the fraudster to his bank account in Ukraine, please contact us! We will do our best to get your money back! We do not guarantee the result, but we have many successful cases when we returned to our clients some or even all of the money sent to scammers.

Read more about our law firm. Our managing attorney Viktor Reshetov has been a licensed attorney in Ukraine since 2004. He is included in the official register of lawyers of Ukraine.

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