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If you ask the question: "How do I get divorced in Ukraine?", then this article is just about that.

The Ukrainian law provides an opportunity for foreign citizens to get their divorce in Ukraine with a Ukrainian citizen regardless of the place where such a marriage was registered.

Cases of divorce are usually much easier and cheaper in Ukraine than such procedures in other countries.

It is of importance that a divorce in Ukraine takes far less time than in many other countries.

It is not demanded in Ukraine to prove that there are some special reasons for a divorce, such as adultery, failure to meet obligations under a marriage agreement, etc.

Also, it is possible in Ukraine to get a divorce with no other issues involved, such as custody of the children, children maintenance, division of the spouses’ property.

A foreign citizen can get his/her divorce in Ukraine if the other spouse’s residence is officially registered in Ukraine.    

A case of divorce can also be considered in a Ukrainian court if a child from the marriage lives in Ukraine. There are also other reasons why a divorce can take place in Ukraine.  

If you are a foreign citizen but want your marriage to be dissolved in Ukraine we can help you. We are ready to explain to you all stages of divorce in detail.

What should you do first?

Describe your situation and send it to our e-mail. You can also contact us in any way suitable for you, through Viber, Skype, Telegram, phone.

Having examined the situation, our lawyer suggests the optimal solution for your situation. After that, you will know how much the process costs, what documents are required, how long it will take to have all your issues settled.

What is our cooperation like?

A lawyer prepares a necessary pack of documents in compliance with the Ukrainian law, pays a court fee for filing the claim, and sends the claim to court by registered mail.

If the original marriage certificate, which must be submitted to the court, is absent, we render additional services to get a duplicate/replacement/ renewed copy.

We provide also translations into Ukrainian of the documents required by the court, have the translations duly certified and notarized. Our lawyers usually do not attend court sittings.        

The lawyer further supervises the progress of the case: appointed judge, acceptance of the claim for proceeding, the first sitting, results of the case, the defendant’s arguments, court’s judgment, etc.  

There are only exceptional cases when a lawyer should be present at court sittings. It is often a thorough qualified preparation of materials that ensure success in divorce cases.

Final stage

After a judge produces a positive judgment on marriage dissolution, the defendant has the right to appeal such a decision in a higher court within 30 calendar days. If an appeal is not filed the court sends the judgment on marriage dissolution to the state bodies of Civil Registry.

That’s it!  

Sometimes clients need Ukrainian court judgments on divorce for authorities in their countries. If so, our lawyers get a copy of the judgment specially certified for further legalization or Apostille. When the document is properly certified and completed it is sent to the client. 

We can provide services to divorce in Kiev (Kyiv) and other regions of Ukraine. 

We have experience of divorce between an American, British, Australian, Indian, Canadian, Pakistani, Singaporean, and other citizens with Ukrainian.

Matrimonial lawyer in Ukraine.

If the marriage is in Ukraine.

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