Debt recovery in Ukraine

Debt collection in Ukraine is possible in either the pre-trial period or in court. Work on the repayment of a loan without trial is conducted in two stages: a soft-collection and a hard-collection one. The first stage does not imply personal contact with the borrower, but, at the same time, includes informing him of existing debt through the phone or by sending a message through the Internet.

 At the stage of hard-collection, attorneys conduct a personal meeting with the borrower, inform him of existing debt once more and start negotiating on the debt payment. Here we consider various way-outs of the situation: pre-trial debt recovery through restructuring is offered, the possibility of realization of the debtor’s available assets to repay the loan is considered, etc. If negotiations fail, the attorney prepares and submits a claim to the court, in which they ask for the interest payments for the use of money, inflationary losses and exchange rate differences (if the loan was taken in a foreign currency) to be covered, for the payment of costs related to the court proceedings in addition to the payment of the debt.

 Quite often our clients come to us when all the negotiations have been conducted, and we immediately take up the matter. In this case, we urgently undertake procedures to ensure real debt recovery: we demand to seize the property of the debtor through the court, raise the issue of the travel ban and file a legal action in tight deadlines. All of this provides a real recovery of money from debtors.

If the debtor is in Ukraine.

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