What land can foreigners own in Ukraine?


What is allowed

The legislation clearly defines the possibility of acquiring non-agricultural land in the ownership of:

  • by foreigners - within settlements without reference to the real estate located on them
  • by foreign companies - within settlements

(1) under immovable property owned by such persons on the right of private property; and

(2) for build facilities related to business activities in Ukraine

  • foreigners and foreign companies - outside the settlements, under the existing real estate owned by such persons on the right of private property.


What is forbidden

Until the opening of the land market, foreigners and foreign companies will still not be able to buy or otherwise acquire agricultural land.

The abolition of this restriction may be the subject of an all-Ukrainian referendum.

The only exception is inheritance, but even in this case, the land must be sold (exchanged, donated, etc.) by the heir within a year from the date of its inheritance.

In addition, there are a number of lands that cannot be transferred to private ownership in any case.

Such lands include, in particular, defense lands, public lands of settlements (embankments, parks, squares, etc.), individual lands of the water fund and forestry.


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