Customs rules of Ukraine. How much money can be transported across the border of Ukraine

Dear foreigners, we ask you to take into account the information on the peculiarities of the movement of goods, currency across the customs border of Ukraine to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.


A non-resident individual has the right to import cash into Ukraine in the amount exceeding the equivalent of 10,000 euros, subject to a written declaration to the customs authority in full.


A non-resident individual, regardless of age, has the right to export cash outside Ukraine. The amount of cash exported by a non-resident may exceed the equivalent of 10,000 euros, but provided that this amount does not exceed the previously declared amount of cash by the same person when imported into Ukraine. Export of cash in excess of the equivalent of 10,000 euros and meets the above condition is carried out with a written declaration in full.


GOODS with a total value of up to 500 euros (land and sea transport) and up to 1000 euros (air transport) and weighing up to 50 kg are imported without taxation.

If your product is more expensive, you should fill out a customs declaration:

up to 500/1000 euros - a declaration for written declaration of goods moving across the customs border of Ukraine by citizens for personal, family and other needs not related to business activities;

more than 500/1000 euros - a declaration in the form of a single administrative document.


Notes: Instruction on the procedure for moving cash and bank metals across the customs border of Ukraine, approved by the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine dated 27.05.2008 № 148 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 11.06.2008 under № 520/15211.


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