If you want to get a professional expert assessment of your particular legal situation but know no one to ask for help to protect your interests in property, corporate, family or other disputes? Now, with the opening of our new office, everyone can use the services of an experienced and highly qualified attorney in Lviv, Ukraine. 


Complex legal services for business at various stages of economic activities, including the preparation and analysis of documents, resolution of corporate disputes, turnkey establishment of legal entities of any form of ownership, obtaining licenses, certificates and other permissive documents are the main directions of work of our experts.

In addition, you can always trust our attorneys in Lviv with civil and family disputes of any complexity: joint property, protection of their interests in courts of various levels, debt collection, probate and more. 


Today, there are a lot of attorneys in Ukraine, especially in Lviv, who provide various services in the field of jurisprudence. However, with each year, more and more customers choose to use services of the experts of our Law firm Viktor Reshetov & Partners, because cooperation with professionals in the field always implies:

  1. Honesty and maximum transparency towards the client.
  2. Professionalism in dealing with legal problems of any degree of complexity.
  3. Absolute confidentiality of the information received from the client in the process of cooperation.
  4. Affordable prices for legal services in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa, etc.).
  5. Individual consideration of each case and development of a comprehensive and effective strategy for the protection of clients' interests in courts of various instances.

These five "pillars", which the work of our attorneys in Ukraine (Lviv) is based upon, allowed us to win the trust and respect of loyal customers.

They recommend us to friends and family, and it is the best argument in favor of the professionalism and high level training of specialists of our attorney company. By calling +380 (50) 602-01-75, +38 (098) 211-58-29 now and having any complex legal situation, you will certainly be able to feel the security and confidence in the future.


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