Our lawyers have unique competence in providing legal support for transactions on the purchase of property in Ukraine by non-residents and foreigners. We will help our foreigners and non-residents clients with the choice of a bank in Ukraine and will advise on the legal import of currency into the territory of Ukraine.

Our company does not work with developers or realtors. We do not give any recommendations for a particular new building or company. This allows us to objectively analyze apartments for our customers.

Buying an apartment in a new building is often a purchase of a lifetime, and our services are a relatively small fee for peace of mind and confidence in the right choice of a developer.

Buying an apartment is a legally difficult transaction. Buying an apartment without a lawyer can lead to the loss of real estate and investing money.

Most apartments in new buildings are bought through a notary public and buyers often hope that the notary will check everything. But this is not so. The notary does not check the legality of the construction. Also, notaries usually work on an ongoing basis with the developer, so they are more interested in good relations with developers. You will be convinced of this when the developer offers you to draw up a transaction with a particular notary, and you cannot change this.

The developer also has its team of lawyers.

Balance your forces with the forces of the developer - even if you have a good lawyer for new buildings.

What is needed from the client?

Just tell us which object you selected. Also ask the developer: a sample contract for the sale of an apartment or other documents that he proposes to sign. If the developer is ready to submit documents for the construction, please make us high-quality photocopies of these documents. Our lawyers will be able to start work, having only the contract and the name of the object, we collect the rest of the construction data from open state registries and other reliable sources.

What is the benefit of working with our lawyers specifically?

Our services cost less than half a percent of the average price of the apartment, so this is a reasonable fee for peace of mind during the commission of such a responsible transaction.

We offer a flexible payment system. Often the client chooses from several objects, so we can relatively cheaply check all the options you have chosen, and this will help make the right choice.

Our services often allow clients to save on the purchase of the real estate. Safe investing in Ukraine real estate

You will receive not only an analysis of the developer and the construction site but also a sales scheme. Sales scheme - allows you to determine the cost of registration of rights to the apartment. The cost of registration often reaches 20%, or even more percent, of the apartment itself. This is an important point when choosing a purchased object and calculating the cost of one square meter.

It happens that the developer offers a flexible purchase scheme, this also allows us to significantly reduce the cost of the purchase for the client.

What will the client get from our work?

Our clients receive a detailed analysis of the new building, the developer, and we also collect all the possible information on the construction object. If necessary, we propose changes to the contract and participate in negotiations with the developer. Based on the results of the analysis, we prepare a report for you and give our opinion on the selected object in simple language. Our lawyer will be with you when signing the contract with the developer or the notary, as there are times when unscrupulous developers change the text of the contract or its conditions at the time of signing the documents.

When buying an apartment in a new building, use the services of our lawyers.

We also accompany the purchase of land, a private house, and other real estate.

This service is available for our clients in Kyiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, and Ivano-Frankivsk. We can also provide this service when buying real estate in other cities of Ukraine remotely: by phone, email, skype, and using available instant messengers.

We help you make real estate investments in Ukraine.

How to invest in Ukrainian real estate?

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