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Do you want to initiate a divorce or do you need qualified legal assistance in other family matters? Do not you know the grounds for divorce and separation or which documents are needed for a divorce in Ukraine in your particular case? Welcome to our law firm.

Rich practical experience of our family law lawyers will allow you to dissolve a marriage with your spouse as quickly as possible, as well as get rid of the heavy psychological burden for the duration of the trial.

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Family disputes of any degree of complexity

From a legal point of view, the divorce procedure in Ukraine is simple. It is almost impossible to lose such a case. If the claim has been drawn up correctly, the state fee was paid, all the necessary documents are submitted, and the claim was submitted in court, set by the procedural law,  sooner or later you will obtain your desired court judgment on the dissolution of marriage. The worst thing that can happen is delaying the process by your spouse or the court giving time for reconciliation (one to six months).

Of course, in case you ask us for legal aid, you will be assured that your claim is drawn up and submitted procedurally right, which will noticeably simplify and reduce the period of time needed to finalize the divorce.

Our divorce lawyers have extensive experience in the resolution of family disputes of any complexity and have successfully obtained judgments on the dissolution of marriage in Ukraine, even in the following situations:

  • The place of residence of one of the spouses is not known.
  • Both spouses are citizens of Ukraine but live abroad.
  • There is a need to conduct a divorce with a foreigner in Ukraine.
  • The marriage is registered outside Ukraine.

We can check the existence of the divorce decree in the Ukrainian court.

Which documents are needed for divorce?

Divorce proceedings can start when the following documents are available:

  • Marriage certificate (original).
  • Birth certificates of children (copies).
  • A copy of the defendant’s document with a note on their residence in Ukraine (non-binding document).
  • A power of attorney authorizing our employee to represent the defendant in court.

How much is a divorce in Ukraine?

The cost of divorce may vary depending on the following:

  • if the marriage was registered in Ukraine or in another country;
  • if the plaintiff and the defendant are in Ukraine or abroad;
  • if the parties are present during the case hearings in court, etc. 

The cost of services shall be agreed upon. 

A divorce procedure through a court in Ukraine comprises the following stages: 

  1. Filing of a claim. A lawyer draws up a statement of claim, pays court fees, and forms a file pack in accordance with circumstances of the case. Your marriage certificate must be submitted along with the claim.
  2. Acceptance of the claim for consideration by court and appointment of a preliminary sitting or court hearing. The claim may be left without further actions by the court if the file pack submitted to the court is not complete. The claim may be rejected without consideration if it is submitted to a wrong court.
  3. Legal proceedings/court hearings. Time of legal proceedings may vary and depends on many factors: how much the court is busy with other cases if the defendant agrees to the divorce, and so on.  
  4. The judgment of the court and its becoming effective.  
  5. Judgment is sent to the State Registration Service (Civil Registry).
  6. Document of divorce – an extract from the Civil Register. 

Is it possible to get a divorce without a spouse’s presence?

Yes, it is possible. With the help of our legal experts, you can get the divorce even if your spouse fails to appear in court.  

Is it necessary for the client to appear in court?

If you are our client your presence in court is not necessary. By filing certain applications and requests we, as a rule, manage to have a positive court judgment without your presence.

Why choose us?

The divorce lawyers of our Attorney Company will quickly and competently:

  • Advise you on all aspects of family law, and explain which documents need to be prepared before applying for a divorce.
  • Identify the jurisdiction of the case on the dissolution of marriage and pay a state fee.
  • Inform you about the current state of divorce proceedings by phone.
  • Prepare a petition for dissolution of marriage in Ukraine in accordance with current norms of legislation.
  • Legally support a claim for divorce by default.
  • Be directly involved in legal battles without the participation of the parties or their legal support, including the cases when it is necessary to conduct a divorce with a foreigner in Ukraine.
  • Obtain the judgment on the dissolution of marriage and the divorce certificate.
  • Save your nerves and time by doing all that is necessary for a divorce on a high professional level.

Start a new life with the right decision - entrust your divorce in Ukraine to experienced divorce lawyers who will effectively protect your rights and interests in court and achieve the best conditions for the division of joint property.

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