Altered vin, what shall i do?


Heart of the matter:

The police seized a car, so the owner of this car contacts us. The ground for seizure was Article 290 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which includes punishment for altered VIN in Ukraine. During a compulsory car inspection from police experts, a suspicion arose that the car body number was forged by soldering the plate on which VIN was placed. Experts called the police and then they seized the car from our client. A criminal case was opened on this fact. Cut and replacement of VIN was imperceptible to the ordinary person. The owner did not know about such interference in VIN.

Legal basis:

At the time of contact with a lawyer, the client did not have any documents confirming the seizure of his car. The only information he knew was the current location of his car and grounds for seizure of his car.

In this regard, the lawyer conducted preparatory work on the case: found out all the circumstances of the car removal from the Client, made the necessary inquiries and appealed to the court. Our lawyer proved the fact that there are no legal grounds for seizure of Client’s car and that the car should be returned to the Client.

Case result:

We have achieved a positive court decision. This court decision allows the Client to use the car without restrictions. Also, we proposed a strategy for continuing struggle for the right to dispose of a car, and not just to use the car. The vehicle was returned in less than one month from the date of contacting a lawyer.