Family Lawyer & Family Law in Ukraine

Family Lawyer & Family Law in Ukraine.

The category of family cases is very extensive, and it is quite difficult to independently understand the intricacies of legislation and judicial practice. If there are matters such as the dividing common property during a divorce, or there is no general agreement with whom of parent the child will live, or it is necessary to be fixed the child support in the court, or other disputes arise on family matters, then the assistance of a family lawyer with his practical experience in these cases is simply necessary. In family matters, it is important to correctly indicate the circumstances, choose a successful tactic to defend in court, and go through the procedure from beginning to the end. Family advocates specializing in family law will be able to draw up documents skillfully, and effectively protect your interests in court, which is the basis for achieving the result in your favour!

Divorce & Separation

Child Custody & Support

Property Division

  • Division of an apartment between spouses during divorce.
  • Civil marriage and division of property: key issues.
  • The unfinished house is dividing between spouses during divorce.
  • The division of the rights to an apartment in a block of flats.
  • How to divide the car when you divorce?
  • The loan obligations of spouses in case of divorce.
  • Frequently asked questions about the division of spouses' property in Ukraine.

Real estate located in Ukraine is divided exclusively in Ukraine and according to Ukrainian laws.

Family Law Attorney in Ukraine.

If you want to protect yourself from problems, contact family lawyers before they arise. This will greatly simplify the task and increase the chances of winning in family disputes. With the help of family lawyers, you will be able to obtain the necessary information in advance and act already. Call on +380(50)602-01-75, +38(098)211-58-29 right now, we will help you!