A limited liability company is the widest spread and popular legal corporate form of commercial enterprises in Ukraine at present and this is for the obvious reason.

Firstly, members of any LLC have no risk to their own capital, and they are liable for the enterprise’s obligations only to the extent of shares (contributions), made to the authorized capital.

Secondly, legal interrelations between members (founders) of any LLC are regulated by law in more details than other corporate forms.

Thirdly, founders of any limited liability company can be both legal entities and individuals, including, non-residents of Ukraine.

And it is not yet a full list of advantages, which any LLC has in comparison to any other types of legal corporate forms for business activities to be carried out.


  • consultations concerning any issues related to any LLC registration;
  • preparation of a set of any LLC’s constituent documents (for independent registration);
  • registration of any LLC in the state registration service (“turnkey”).



  • provision of the legal address;
  • assistance in opening an account at thebank;
  • registration of special taxes (VAT, single tax) by a payer.




1) You shall determine:

  • name and location of the company;
  • types of activities;
  • way of generation and size of the authorized capital, as well as thecorrelation of shares of all Company members;
  • other issues (for example: limitations of the director’s powers and authorities ).

2) You shall provide us with the following information:

  • passport data and identification number of the director.
  • for founders – individuals:

 passport data and place of residence of the founder;

 identification number of the founder (individuals – non-residents will be required to obtain a taxpayer identification number in Ukraine)

  • for founders – legal entities:

extract from the USR;


the decision of the the legal entity’s founders on LLC establishment (if necessary we will help you to draw up it);

power of attorney or minutes of appointment for the person, who will sign all necessary documents on behalf of the founder.

  • for founders – legal entities – non-residents:

duly certified acopy of a document about the enterprise state registration with its translation into Ukrainian;

the decision of the legal entity’s founders on LLC establishment;

a copy of a power of attorney, certified and translated into Ukrainian, for the person, who will sign all necessary documents in Ukraine on behalf of the founder.


After receipt of the mentioned information and all necessary documents, our lawyers will register any LLC as soon as possible. Moreover, members (founders) shall be in person, in general, only: when constituent documents and power of attorney are signed by the notary, and the director shall be present – when the signature on the sample signature card is certified for the bank and when an account is opened in any banking institution.

The cost of services as agreed.

The term for service provision: 3-10 days.